TOUR SCHEDULE: Briarheart by Mercedes Lackey

Hello everyone! We are so excited to announce the tour schedule for Briarheart by Mercedes Lackey.

October 11th
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October 12th
Gwendalyn’s Books – Review

October 13th
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October 14th
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October 15th
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October 16th
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October 17th
The Nutty Book Worm Reads Alot – Review
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October 11th
kathreadsya – Review
feliciareads11 – Blogger’s Choice
kaitplusbooks – Blogger’s Choice

October 12th
tbrandbeyond – Promo
gwendalyn_books_ – Blogger’s Choice
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October 13th
thisreadergirl – Review
ninebookishlives – Blogger’s Choice
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October 14th
thebookwebb – Review – Blogger’s Choice

October 15th
thindbooks – Blogger’s Choice
the_bookish_coven – Blogger’s Choice
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October 16th
clarkbookreviews – Review
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thewestveilarchives – Blogger’s Choice

October 17th
808bookdr – Favorite Quotes & Top 5 Reasons to Read Briarheart
thebookdutchesses – Blogger’s Choice
wilcoxmandy – Blogger’s Choice

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Publishing date: October 5th, 2021

Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository | IndieBound | Indigo


From beloved fantasy author Mercedes Lackey comes a fresh and feminist reinterpretation of Sleeping Beauty.

Miriam may be the daughter of Queen Alethia of Tirendell, but she’s not a princess. She’s the child of Alethia and her previous husband, the King’s Champion, who died fighting for the king, and she has no ambitions to rule. When her new baby sister Aurora, heir to the throne, is born, she’s ecstatic. She adores the baby, who seems perfect in every way. But on the day of Aurora’s christening, an uninvited Dark Fae arrives, prepared to curse her, and Miriam discovers she possesses impossible power.

Soon, Miriam is charged with being trained in both magic and combat to act as chief protector to her sister. But shadowy threats are moving closer and closer to their kingdom, and Miriam’s dark power may not be enough to save everyone she loves, let alone herself.

Mercedes entered this world on June 24, 1950, in Chicago, had a normal childhood and graduated from Purdue University in 1972. During the late 70’s she worked as an artist’s model and then went into the computer programming field, ending up with American Airlines in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In addition to her fantasy writing, she has written lyrics for and recorded nearly fifty songs for Firebird Arts & Music, a small recording company specializing in science fiction folk music.

Website | Twitter | Goodreads | Facebook


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