FAQ for Authors

What are blog tours?

A blog tour is when a book is promoted across different websites and blogs over a week or two, each day premiering on a different website or blog. During the tour, readers can find posts that have reviews, interviews, playlists, favorite quotes and other fun stuff. TBR and Beyond Tours will also be sharing on our various social medias, including our Facebook group, TBR and Beyond Book Club.

Why should I do a blog/ bookstagram tour?

Blog/ bookstagram tours are another way for readers to hear about your book before it is released. It helps your book reach audiences that are not on other social media sites, or are only on a select few. They are also a good substitute for authors who do not want to or are unable to do in-person book tours.

What services do you provide?

We have several packages that include blog tours, bookstagram tours, cover reveals, and more, please see our Services page for more information.

What type of reach do your tours have?

We have been in the online book community for over three years now and have gained a lot of connections over that time.  We have a very popular and active Facebook Group, TBR and Beyond Book Club which has over 5,700 members (all vetted) and over 40k comments and posts each month.  We have worked with many authors (debut and NYT Bestselling) in various promotional capacities.  We also are very active on Twitter, Instagram and Goodreads.  We have a strong following in the blogging community and all are bloggers ourselves.  

How do I submit a request for a blog tour?

If you want to submit a request, please either fill out our Contact form or e-mail us at tbrbeyondtours@gmail.com.

What types of books are you looking for?

We mainly accept Young Adult, Middle-Grade, and New Adult.  However, we may accept Adult on some occasions.

If you are an indie/self published author – we are only taking select fantasy novels at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

If a book is already published, can a tour be requested?

Possibly,  please contact us to discuss this further.  

How far out from the publishing date are you willing to do a tour?

We are fairly flexible, please contact us to discuss this further.