TOUR SCHEDULE: Wench by Maxine Kaplan

Hello everyone! We are so excited to announce the tour schedule for Maxine Kaplan.

January 25th
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January 26th
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January 28th
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January 29th
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January 30th
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January 31st
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January 25th
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January 28th
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January 29th
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January 30th
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January 31st
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Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Publishing date: January 19th, 2021

Goodreads | Amazon | Book Depository | Barnes & Noble | Indigo | IndieBound


Content warning: Some magic in the book involves self-harm. 

A funny, fiercely feminist YA epic fantasy—following the adventures of a tavern wench 

Tanya has worked at her tavern since she was able to see over the bar. She broke up her first fight at 11. By the time she was a teenager she knew everything about the place, and she could run it with her eyes closed. She’d never let anyone—whether it be a drunkard or a captain of the queen’s guard—take advantage of her. But when her guardian dies, she might lose it all: the bar, her home, her purpose in life. So she heads out on a quest to petition the queen to keep the tavern in her name—dodging unscrupulous guards, a band of thieves, and a powerful, enchanted feather that seems drawn to her. Fast-paced, magical, and unapologetically feminist, Wench is epic fantasy like you’ve never seen it before. 

Maxine Kaplan was born in Washington, DC. She and her twin sister spent their early childhoods trotting behind their journalist parents as they traveled around the world, eventually settling in Brooklyn, NY. Maxine graduated from Oberlin College in 2007. Following a long stint in the world of publishing, she has worked as a private investigator since 2009. She lives in her adopted hometown of Brooklyn, NY, with her dimwitted, but soulful cat. 

Her first novel The Accidental Bad Girl received a starred review in Publishers Weekly and will be available in paperback January 5, 2021. Her sophomore novel, Wench, is coming in January 19, 2021.  

Website | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads


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